Project engagement

The research team has appeared in more than 100 news stories across regional Australia about the future of local newspapers in 2019-2020, including ABC, Crikey, The Financial Review and The Conversation.


May 2019: the research team is invited to academia roundtable with representatives of the Department of Communications and the Arts Communications to discuss the future of news and public interest journalism.


September 2019: the research team presents their innovations model for local news at the Future of Journalism conference in Cardiff, Wales.


September 2019: Associate Professor Kristy Hess is an invited fellow to Karlstad University, Sweden and OsloMet University, Norway to discuss research on local and digital journalism.


October 2019: the research team are invited to an academic workshop with the Australian Communication and Media Authority to discuss measuring the availability of local news.


November 2019: Deakin University and Country Press Australia are represented at a symposium hosted by the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts to discuss on the choice and quality of news and journalism in Wagga, New South Wales.


April 2020: ACMA announces plans to delay release of news measurement discussion paper due to COVID 19.

June 2020: The research team and the Country Press Australia produce submissions to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s concepts paper and draft new mandatory code to address bargaining power imbalances between Australia’s news media businesses and Google and Facebook. See attached: